Fast food conditions

Fast food eating has become a major problem in the U.S..  I feel that the author choose teenagers and young adults for their audience because they want to try to limit the amount of food being eaten. Presently, people are eating way to much fast food and not enough healthy options such as fruits and vegetables with their meals. I can tell that the author is targeting teenagers and young adults by what he is saying in the article. Also all of his facts that he talks about in his article is based on teenagers consumption’s. Part of how they reach their audience is by telling them what can happen to them if they keep on the track that they are going on. The author includes saying how teens can develop high blood pressure and diabetes at an early age if teenagers and young adults do not watch how much fast food they are eating in their diets. Another condition they put into the study was how races effect the health of the teenagers who eat the same amount of fast food. They tell you to watch what you eat and that it is also important to control the portions of the foods that you eat.

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Is the Burger Old?

The video I have chosen is about a typical fast food meal. The meal consists of a burger and fries. As shown in the video you can see that nothing happens to the food as it sits out on the table. I was concerned about this because who knows what you are getting when you order at a fast food restaurant. The thought of maybe receiving one of these meals makes me sick. This is a reason why I feel that something needs to be done about the problem in the fast food industry today. There are not many healthy choices and I feel that there needs to be change so that Americans can start eating healthier if they need to choose a fast food restaurant over a more healthier place or going to the grocery store for healthier food. This video helps to inspire me to try and do something about how fast food is done in America today. I would want to help to solve the problem and to help make fast food healthier in some way for the future.

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“Let Them Eat Junk”

I am using this blog to talk about what I have learned so far in my research. I am currently reading a book called “Let them Eat Junk”. The book is written by Robert Albritton. I have learned a lot about fast food and lots of facts regarding the unhealthiness of it. We gain ninety percent of our salt intake coming in when we eat fast food. Taking in to much salt can lead to bigger health concerns for you in the future. Salt can lead to someone having high blood pressure, heart disease, and even having strokes. This is why it is better for a person to limit the fast food they take in at once so that they can control the salt intake that they consume. I think that if they can limit the salt that they put in food now that they can serve healthier products and than can gain more customers. This way both sides win.

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research proposal

I have chosen to do my research question on this; what are the effects of ones eating habits and lifestyle of having access to fast food restaurants as compared to healthier food options in America have on the health of Americans. Everywhere you go, you see countless of different fast food restaurants, and more are being built every year. This is helping Americans be able to eat worse as opposed to making healthier foods at home or going to a nice restaurant that has better and healthier options. This is because it is more convenient and cheaper for most families to just go and eat at one of the countless fast food restaurants around than to go to the grocery store to buy food and then have to go turn around and go home to cook and serve the food. Fast food is a factor in the community because it is involved in what the people in the community eats. Suppose there are just places such as Burger King or McDonalds in an area, than the people there are more likely in worse health as opposed to someone who lives in an area with fresh farmers markets and healthier restaurants to choose to go eat at.
The fast food industry has some of the unhealthiest foods that are served in the United States. Fast food can result in people getting high blood pressure, heart attacks, and obesity. With the amounts of fat intake, calories, and trans fat put into the food that is being served in the fast food industry today, Americans are gaining more weight, which leads to them not being able to exercise because they feel that they cannot physically do what they want to do as far as how they exercise. I like how McDonalds is trying to introduce healthier foods but I think them along with all the other fast food has a long way to go.
I believe that I need to find out more facts and personal experiences that people have had with fast food and the effects of fast food on their lives today. I will begin searching the sites of different fast food restaurants to look up their health facts on the different products that each of the fast food place I look Up serve. I will than look up what the effects of consuming too much fast food can cause on a person’s health. Through this research I presume that I will be able to show how eating fast food affects a community and its health. I will also include going to federal health websites and try to find a similarity to the rise of fast food in America to Americans becoming unhealthier. I feel that if we can help to involve people to look at what their eating more carefully, than we can make American eating habits more healthier, because on the route it’s on now , the health is getting worse.

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Fast Food resturants

I have always wondered how a city or town picks what food services come into the communities. What steps go into the process of a community in choosing what is allowed and what is not allowed? Everywhere around the campus their are just a bunch of fast food such as McDonald’s or KFC. Now every now and than fast food is OK, but when you want something other than cafeteria food the only choices you have are unhealthy ones. Their is a restaurant called Evo’s in Chapel Hill that they air fry their burgers. Doing this has let them cut out the trans fat and this helps to give a healthier product. On CBS, a reporter Bill Whitaker argues that fast foods in communities makes healthier food choices harder to pick with residents. He goes on to show how low income families can feed themselves easier and cheaper as apposed to going to the grocery store or to a farmers market. I feel that if they can find a way to regulate what fast food places serve than this will lead to people being able to live healthier lives.

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World Trade Center Rescue

The purpose of the World Trade Center story was to inform people of the stories similar to that of Joseph Lutrario story that he went threw on 9/11. This helps to show people how hard that the emergency responders on 9/11 worked to try to save everybody that they can. I learned that Lutrario went into a daycare in one of the towers to try to save the kids that were in their. He got every kid in their out successfully. When he was getting out the last kid, the south tower that he was in started shaking. Lutrario said that he could feel the vibrations of the building threw the floors and walls. To calm the boy down, he covered the boy with his shirt. When he went back into the building he was thrown under steel bars. Luckily rescue workers found him and pulled him out from under the steel beam. His arm was broken, but he stayed with his unit to find more survivors and did not go to the hospital until the next day. I learned from this story that it was very difficult in New York right after the towers collapse. Their is really a respect seen threw the men and women who went into the chaos to try to save as many people as they can. I liked learning threw this audio file about the men and women of the New York City emergency services had to go threw during the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Centers.

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My response to class blogs

The first county I read about in the blogs was about Catawba county. I learned that it is ranked eighteenth in North Carolina in health outcomes. They physical area the county is in is what helps to make their health quality suffer. They are under the national average in having access to healthy foods and has a 14% unemployment rate. the blogger wants to learn how healthcare, eating habits, and exercise plays a factor in this. The next blog I read was about Robeson county. I read that Robeson county has one of the worst healthiest rates in North Carolina that is 98 out of 100. The unemployment rate is at about the same level that Catawba was, at 11.4%, so i think that this shows their is not a high comparison between unemployment and health. They discuss how a person is more likely to commit crimes if their friends commit crimes. This blog states that if the crime rate is reduced than    people are more likely to exercise, thus becoming more healthier. I have learned that if we can possibly lower the crime rate that this will get people to more than likely start to exercise.

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